Psalm 144:1

Blessed be the Lord, my ROCK,

who prepares my hands for war

and my fingersfor battle.

Who we are


BattlefingersBattlefingers is bluesy, harmony-driven rock with powerful vocals, a good-natured bounce and a heart for God. An opera singer, electrician with rhythm, occupational therapist, and guitar-wielding songwriter drawn together by the bonds of family and Christian brotherhood.

Amber Nordvik


Lead singer and bassist, Amber Nordvik has a penchant for classic rock and a background in classical voice. From Heart to Handel, Copeland to The Cars, a wide range of artists have influenced her vocal style. Compared at times to Pat Benatar and Wendi Kaiser, she uses her compelling voice to proclaim the Gospel and shout the glory of God.

Ben Nordvik


Drummer Ben Nordvik lays down the beat and holds the band together. Whether the rhythm is simple or complex, he works to find or create the sound that energizes the music.

Mary Nordvik


Mary Nordvik harmonizes with Amber in a way that calls Heart and Queen to mind. Power and sincerity in her delivery drive every song and scripture she shares home. Mother to Ben and Amber, family voices blend by nature. She shares credit with husband Steve for writing many of Battlefingers’ songs.

Steve Nordvik


Primary songwriter and guitarist, Steve Nordvik, has been writing music for God since he first started playing guitar. As Battlefingers has developed, he’s been able to share writing and arranging duties with the rest of the band. Blues and classic rock influence his electric playing, leading to uniquely lyrical solos.

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